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Wellness Care & Prevention of Disease

Wellness.jpgMotion is the key to life and is the cornerstone of your health and well being. It's when we are sedentary that our bodies begin to break down. This theory is the same for the spine.  Research shows that arthritic changes to spinal joints is not age related but is due to trauma left untreated in the body over time. When the body is introduced to trauma (damage to a joint and its supporting structures) it has its own healing response.  Initially, inflammation is introduced to the injured area to maximize healing. As a protective measure, muscles splint to limit motion and pain fibers become more sensitive.  If the joint is unable to regain full range of motion the brain will continue to flush it with inflammation and over time, if motion continues to be limited, the body will start to build up calcification to the injured joint.  This process can occur in the absence of pain!  This calcification (i.e. degenerative arthritis,  spinal arthritis, bone spurs, osteoarthritis, etc) will continue until the joint regains full range of motion and inflammation is reduced.  If the joints are healthy and the nerves are communicating properly, dysfunction and disease can be prevented.  As Chiropractors, our aim is to make you feel better and more importantly, improve how your body functions so disease and malfunction can be prevented and health and longevity can be maintained throughout your lifetime. 

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