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Auto Accidents

There is no such thing as a small accident.  Research shows that bumpers that are manufactured today are so strong that they don't buckle with impact. That means most of the force during an accident gets absorbed by your body.  


"Just because you walk away from an accident doesn't mean that you weren't hurt".  Any time the body is involved with a force that is greater than it can handle, the muscles and ligaments that support the spine become injured.  These injuries can alter the position of the spine and can cause your nerves to become pinched.  A pinched nerve decreases the communication from the brain to the body.  If the body is left with nervous system interference it can lead to dysfunction and eventually disease over time.   

"Remember, if you are hurt in a motor vehicle accident everyone else in the car experienced the same trauma!"  Even though the other passengers are not complaining of symptoms it is always important to get them checked to make sure that the soft tissue that supports the spine is not injured.  

Additional Information:

"Article on Low Velocity Impact, Vehicular Damage and Passenger Injury

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